Print Publications

Print media in the form of newsprint, a glossy magazine or a snappy flyer gives the consumer a closer connection with the service provider. Printing publications allows us to share large amounts of information quickly and in huge numbers. Creating a call to action or using a coupon in your advertising can motivate readers to choose you and your business.

Here are some of the specialty publications that ForYouWithYou Marketing offers its clientele.

Flyers and Direct Mail:

Flyers often are used to promote a special event or limited deal. This method of advertising is tried and tested. it generates a buzz and creates awareness. It has the potential to offer a wide distribution in public places or through the mail. Flyers are simple and a easy read. Made simple with large fonts and few words. ForYouWithYou Marketing offers a special marketing program design specific for flyer distribution. Call us today for details.

Phone Book and Yellow Pages:

This is the best form of directional advertising. 90% of consumers who look in the yellow pages are in a buying position whether it is the day of or down the road. This kind of ad has permanence and can be used to target a specific geographic area and community. A yellow page ad gives the consumer information needed to make the purchase. Being in the correct category is essential to emphasize a specific product or service. Visually emerging from the other similar ads is key.

Magazine Style:

With a magazine a business can target a specific audience. This print product tends to focus on more of a geographic, demographic and lifestyle focus. They allow more elaborate graphics and colors. It is important to include copy and art work that are direct and present important product information to the consumer, for example; how your product or service works, how it can benefit the consumer and where it can be purchased.


When trying to decide on which newspaper medium to go with you need to consider these three things: distribution, size and audience. The quick turnover of newspapers allows the advertiser to adjust ads to meet new market conditions. Studies have shown that the more times you consistently advertise in same product the more you increase your probability of gaining a new client.


A newsletter provides a value that will resonate with your customer. People buy your product because they trust you, are loyal to you and are fans of your business. Why not keep them informed with information that can help them. Connect with current consumers or spark interest with new ones. When the recipient views your letter you are utilizing the opportunity to highlight your product or service, explain the service and its benefits.

Rack Card:

Rack card printing is used quite often and is used as a useful marketing tool to give a short synopsis of what your business has to offer the consumer. Often it is available to be picked up in high foot traffic areas such as restaurants, bars, hotels and convenience stores. You can include detailed information on them about your business, product, service or special event. They give an excellent opportunity to educate potential and current customers.

Business Cards:

According to the old school business card is still important. Networking is about making genuine connections. Engaging in real face to face conversations is how real relationships begin. A business card is the most effective direct marketing tool you can utilize. Arming yourself with business cards at all times will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to make a valuable business connection. Keep them accessible at all times, in your wallet, vehicle. Often this is the best time to make a memorable first impression.


Digital and paper maps both, still have an essential relevance today. The paper version gives a reliability, your walking trail marked out wont disappear when you most need it. How do you choose which type of media to deliver your mapping information? If you want to cover all bases, there is no reason you cant create both – a paper and digital copy. Creating both options is more cost effective than you think. ForYouWithYou Marketing offers a wide variety of options to have your digital and paper mapping made available.

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